I arrived in Australia in the late 70,s, leaving behind family and friends in a country torn ed by civil an political wars. Many of my loved ones banished and disappeared at the so called: Dirty War. But that was not only the condition of my country of birth, Argentina. Even inside me there was an unrest and turmoil going on. Like driven by this big void in my life, disenchanted by the "Sex,drugs and rock ,n,roll" of that era, I was passing through Perth, WA on my way to England. Once again looking to quench the "search" within me and find a meaning to my "senseless" existence .Thats when I heard that Jesus was the answer to all my questions!! But, I quickly dismissed it. I grew up in an culture saturated with "Religion" yet, never seen any kind of power in it. But this msg was different, couldn,t walk away, had to find it for my self if this was true. I asked Jesus, If He was real, to make Himself real to me!. And He did! He restored my life, healed my heart and gave me a purpose an a destiny. Today I take the msg of His Gospel wherever I go and I see Jesus performing miracles just like He did in Bible days. I have seen his miracles in the Philippines, NZ, Chile, Spain and many other nations in the world. Why? because He never changes. He is the same YESTERDAY, TODAY AND ALWAYS Heb 13:8. My job is simple: I proclaim HIS WORD, His Salvation and Healing. I personally make no promises, I can not save you or heal you, no one can! Cause, you see: Acts 4:12 "And in none other is there salvation: for neither is there any other name under heaven, that is given among men, wherein we must be saved. Except the name of Jesus!"
May I personally invite you and your loved ones to join us for these special meetings.
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Pastor/Evangelist: Steve Rodriguez-Zapata


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The Rodriguez-Zapata

My wife Silvia and her sister Lisa in Israel 2009

OUR SON: Mikey Z with Dan Villani & band Concert Beechboro